Long-tailed duck hunting

Hunting Season 1.9. -31.12

Hunting Season 1.9. -31.12

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Breathtaking experience during the late autumn

Long-tailed duck is something we would call a special target of which many hunters can only dream of. And rightly so as thereare no other places in the world where the long-tailed ducks can generally be found.
The beautiful sunrise, breathtaking views of the horizon and the singing of millions of long-tailed ducks migrating literally is a show stopper and an experience not found anywhere else in the world.

Hunting Season 1.9. -31.12
Best season : 10.10 . -5.11
Hunting technique: with decoys from the islands, a boat or a kayak
The weather restrictions: moderate, strong wind or storm wind
Target species : long-tailed duck ( Clangula hyemalis )
Number of persons: 1-3

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