Seal hunt

Hunting season: 04.16 - 31.12

Hunting season: 04.16 - 31.12

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The predator of the Baltic Sea

Seal hunting is the ultimate hunt one can experience, because of its challenging nature. Hunting may not either be done when you want, but is only possible when the weather allows it. Seal is the most prestigious trophy a hunter could wish for. Seal skins are one of the finest and most unusual, you will not find two alike. The seals skull with its sharp teeth out shadows any other large carnivore trophy.

Hunting season: 04.16 - 31.12
Best season: 16.04 - 31.12
Hunting technique: stalking and seeking by boat
Weather restrictions: moderate, hard, strong winds or rough sea
Target specie: grey seal (Halichoerus grypus)
Number of persons: 1-3

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