Hunting in Finland

HAZELGROUSE – Master of camouflage

Hazelgrouses are also found almost everywhere in Finland. It is one of the smaller members of the grouse family of birds. It thrives in dense forest habitats, especially in spruce stands. Hazelgrouse can be curious and it doesn’t necessary fly away, but it is one of the most challenging birds to harvest because it is hard to see, since it is a master of camouflage and concealment. Hazel grouse hunting can be combined with capercaillie, black grouse, willow grouse and fieldfare hunting.

  • Hunting Season: Sep 10th - Nov 11th
  • Best season: September - November
  • Hunting: Walking with our without pointing dogs or Finnish spitz
  • Weapon: Shotgun, bow and rifle >22 hornet
  • Target species:

Hazel grouse (Tetrastes bonasia)
Capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus)
Black grouse (Lyrurus tetrix)
Willow grouse (Lagopus lagopus)

  • Price:

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