HUNTING AND FISHING IN FINLAND – experience fair chase hunting and fishing in one of the most unique and beautiful countries in the world

You can legally hunt or fish nearly 100 different game and fish species. Most of the game species are native and some are introduced. Most common introduced game species are whitetail deer, raccoon dog, American mink and North American beaver.

All hunting in Finland is truly free range, either on public or private land. There are no fences and even if there were, hunting would still be illegal inside them.

Some species are located only in certain parts of the country but the densest and most varied game population is found in southwestern Finland. This is also where we are located. Our main hunting and fishing areas, including the unique southern archipelago, which is no less than in the middle of the main migration route exceeds well over 250 000 hectares. All deer, moose, seals, small predators, hares and waterfowl are possible to hunt only within a 1 - 2 hours’ drive from Helsinki international airport. Also best fishing is located in Southern Finland. Finland is also the most important producer of many waterfowl species in the European Union.

Best grouse, woodcock, caribou, beaver and wild boar areas are found in the central or eastern parts of the country. You can expect to reach everything within 5-6 hours’ drive from Helsinki international airport. However, sustainable numbers of willow grouse and especially rock ptarmigan are only found in northern Finland and Lapland. You can get there in 10-20 hours by car or simply taking a connecting flight to Rovaniemi or Ivalo.

Everyone hunting in Finland needs a valid hunting license. The only thing you need to do is to send a copy of your local hunting license and a copy of your passport to us. We apply a hunting license for you from the Finnish wildlife agency

It is not a problem to bring own firearms into Finland, especially if you have a European firearms pass. Upon arrival to Helsinki International airport, present the firearms pass when asked and collect your weapon. If you do not have a European firearms pass we will apply a private import license from the Finnish police firearms department.

If you choose not to bring your own weapon we provide rifles and shotguns. Our rental weapons are mostly Sako rifles and usually with Zeiss, Swarovski or similar optics. Sako rifles are by the way made in Finland. Good optics is essential especially when hunting whitetail or other game from stands in the last light.

You can fish legally almost everywhere in Finland once we´ve obtained a fishing license. The most common species, such as pike, perch and the zander are found both in the sea and the lakes. Arctic char, the grayling and brown trout are only found in lakes and rivers. All fishing gear is included in all guided fishing trips but you’re obviously welcome to take your own rods and lures.