The person or group of people who hire the services, in one of the hunts or fishing trips offered by Wildmark Ltd, must accept the general rules here expressed.



All bookings and reservations are binding.



Bookings can be cancelled 60 days prior arrival. If client(s) cancel booking within less than 60 days, Wildmark Ltd invoices 50 % of total day or package value. If client(s) do not arrive upon the agreed time, Wildmark Ltd will invoice 100% of the booked day or package value.


Full payment:

The balance, rates, packages, trophy and additional costs need to be paid before departure.



The trophies taken, as well as any wounded animal(s), must be paid according to the trophy prices.


Services included:

Meet at international or domestic airports, transport to accommodation. Full board and lodging during all hunting days. Transportation to all hunting areas. Land and water vehicle transports. Guides and field preparation of trophies.


Services not included:

Flight tickets, Personal hunting equipment, ammunition and guns, processing costs, taxidermy work, preservation and exportation/shipment of the trophies and all those services not clearly specified, will be considered “extra services”.



The hunters and/or non-hunting companions who contract for services of Wildmark Ltd are provided insurance when Finnish hunting license is paid and valid. Insurance provider is LähiTapiola and number of the hunting insurance is C48.394 0612. The hunters and/or non- hunting companions should contact their insurance company in their own country to cover the risk of any other activities during their stay.



The organizer has the right to modify the itinerary and the hunting area so as to give a better service for unexpected reasons (bad weather, declined populations, predators, strikes, riots, etc.)


Force Majeure:

In extreme cases beyond the control of Wildmark Ltd, it is impossible to complete the hunt or fishing trip, the clients have the right to reschedule initial booking or cancel it, but not to present any claim for damages or prejudices.


Services not used:

If the client, on his own, decides not to use any of the scheduled services Wildmark Ltd invoices 100% according to value of booked service.


Arms and luggage:

The organizer is not responsible for any damage to or loss of guns, fishing rods, luggage, bags, suitcases or any other personal equipment.


General releases:

Although Wildmark Ltd will make every effort to ensure your satisfaction, neither organizer nor its employees, manager, guides or agents will be responsible or liable for any loss, injury, death, or damage to any person or property arising from the hunt or other activities undertaken as a result of the hunt, observation or fishing trip, including transportation to and from the hunting, observation or fishing site.

Any person associated with the hunt, observation, fishing or other activities does so at his or her own risk and assumes complete responsibility for the inherent risk and dangers associated with the hunt, observation, fishing or other activities.

Risk and danger may be present at any time during a person´s participation in the hunt, observation, fishing or other activities and may include without limitation: adverse weather conditions and hazards of nature, strenuous physical activity, accident (whether related to hunting, observation, fishing or other activities) or disease.

It is mandatory to inform the organizer of any medical conditions which might affect hunting, observation, fishing or other activities. The organizer does not carry any legal responsibility of any medical or psychological injuries or death.

The organizer strongly recommend you consult with your insurance agent to arrange adequate coverage for the duration of your trip prior to your departure.

The organizer will not accept responsibility or liability in any way for shipment of trophies or for any expenses arising from such cases.

When the customer has booked a hunting or fishing trip he or she accept all terms and conditions and general releases.