Hunting in Finland

There is approximately 100 000 white tailed deer’s in Finland

Our main hunting areas are located in Raseborg, which is one of the most dense populated white tail deer areas in Finland. Raseborg is located 1,5 hours from Helsinki and Turku. Fifteen percent of all largest typical and non-typical white tails are harvested in Raseborg. The biggest deer harvested from our hunting area is over 480 CIC points, which is the third biggest trophy, ever taken in Finland. Older quality specimens are mostly nocturnal and usually only appear in the last daylight or early morning. During the rut in November you can even encounter good quality bucks in the middle of day. White tailed bucks start to shed antlers towards the end of January.

  • Hunting season: Sep1th - Feb 15th
  • Rut season: November
  • Hunting: High stand and stalking
  • Weapon: Rifle >243, bow or shotgun with slug
  • Target specie: White tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus)
  • Price: For the best prices contact wildmark