Hunting in Finland

Rock ptarmigan – White phased rock ptarmigan and willow grouse

Hunting rock ptarmigan in the northernmost parts of Finland during early season or wintertime is really something different. Since there is usually a lot of snow the only option most of the times is to use snowshoes or skis. Dogs can be used early season but towards winter it tends to be difficult. However, you can actually spot the birds from a distance and stalk closer. You can also track the birds. This is as exciting as it gets, especially when you get closer to the end of the tracks. Superb hunting by any standards. By car you can expect to reach the northernmost parts of the country within 16-20 hours or you can take a connecting flight to Rovaniemi or Ivalo.

  • Hunting Season: Sep 10th - Mar 31th
  • Best season: September - March
  • Hunting: Early season walking and winter time skiing or by using snowshoes.
  • Weapon: Shotgun, bow and rifle >22 lr
  • Target species:

Rock ptarmigan (Lagopus muta)
Willow grouse (Lagopus lagopus)

  • Price: Price on request